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What a First Time!

Well, here I am on my HONEYMOON in beautiful Maui. The ocean breeze, the hot sun, swimming pools, and palm trees. Our hotel had a grecian spa, and offered the best in workout equipment, massages, and saunas. After a vigorous workout on the stairmaster, and rowing machine, I decided to take a steam before my afternoon massage. While leaving the gym room, I noticed two guys standing in the corner talking. Both were in their early twenties, one blonde, and thin, his buddy tall, with a real workout body! I just went about my business without even giving a second thought. I entered the sauna, and went to the back of the steam room. The room was hot and wet with thick steam. I sat on the top bench, and closed my eyes. Suddenly, I felt a presence, and I knew that I was not alone. The room, as I had mentioned, was completely full of thick steam, and thus, I could not see more than 3 or 4 feet in front of me. I heard sounds, and voices, and looked around only to see the two guys from the gym room kissing each other deeply across from wher I sat. I started feeling myself become aroused. My eight inch cock suddenly began to twitch in my speedo as I tried to spy. The blonde guy was rubbing himself against his friend, and I could just make out that the tall guy had a TREMENDOUS hard on through his shorts. In one fell swoop, the muscleman had his shorts off, and the blonde was worshiping his beautiful swollen dick. First he began to lick it slowly, then faster, and finally swallowed it whole. I couldn't contain myself anymore, and put my hand into my bathing suit to adjust myself. I guess that they noticed that I was there, and came over to the bench below me. The tall guy sat down directly below me as his buddy lowered himself to hi s knees. The big guy then, without any words, began to rub my now monster cock through my shorts. I touched his shoulder, and at that moment knew that I really wanted this! He stood up, and kissed me passionately on the mouth. I had never even thought of kissing a man before, but this was very different. Our tongues played with ea[m other, and before I knew it, my speedo was on the floor, and the blonde had my cock in his mouth. The sensation was amazing. I could hardly stand it, and came in gallons almost immediately, still kissing my new found friend. The muscleman stood up, and sat next to me. I reached out, and down to touch his massive cock. He moaned as I put my hand around it, as if it were my own. I didn't quite know what to do, or how to do it, but I began to pump his beautiful dick in my hand, and then as if I had been an expert, took this hard hot penis into my mouth. I remembered how my wife sucks my dick, and figured that I would try to do the same for him. Licking the shaft, and then the head, I tried to take all of him doen my virgin throat, but began to gag, and he slowed me down. Meanwhile, the blonde was helping me, and licking his buddy's balls. Our tongues met at the head of this glorious love shaft, and I begn to get hard again. The blonde then stood up, and his buddy took his cock out of my mouth, and the blonde backed up to him. As he began to fuck him silly, I got on my knees and started sucking on the blonde. His dick was much smaller, and skinny. I had no trouble taking all of him into my mouth, and within a few minutes, I felt a warm stream of his semen filling my mouth. I didn't want to let him go until every drop was down my throat. He grabbed the back of my head, and began pumping his dick with his hand as I sucked him dry. His buddy pulled out, and I started sucking him again. This time, after only three or four licks, he started cumming. I laid down on the bench, and they both began sucking and licking me to no end. It took me a long time to come again, but when I did, Oh boy! They left, and said thanks, and then so did I. I took a shower, and got ready for my massage. I went into the massage room, and saw the masseur enter. He placed a towel over me, and then proceeded to start the rubdown. I think that he knew what I had been up to, when he began to readjust himself, but then, that's another story!